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Mission Statement

Manixe Money Transfer strives to provide safe and secure environment when customers are sending/receiving money for free no fees without fear.


Manixe Money Transfer will ensure and make it easy for consumers to take advantage of the state of the art technology in software connectivity technology when sending or receiving money where ever any time anywhere any device with hyper speed.


ManiXchange has been in business for thirteen years and define our success by achieving the highest level of quality service,customer satisfaction guaranteed. Want to find out more about our company, read what our customers have to say on our Facebook page? We look forward to working with you in sending and receiving money using software connectivity without fear, fast,secure,efficient,reliable,instant and easy!

The Fundamentals

The fundamentals of the the economy that move the currency exchange rate to appreciate or to depreciate, employment data, exports and imports, geo-political environment, GDP, inflation, fiscal and monetary policy, investors, speculators, overreaction to news, interest rates and the market forces of supply and demand.The US$ index or green back is used as a barometer against other major currencies to determine whether currencies are appreciating or depreciating because of fluctuation.
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The world is changing at a phenomenal speed it is now connected at the click of the button or touch (interface) of the screen. The 21st Century has taken the world by a tsumani wave, it has surpassed the previous revolutions, profoundly the cutting edge technology has outpaced human thinking and understanding like never seen before. Take a close look at goods and service, going back thousand years, people used barter and trade and some still use it today, then came money, then cheques, credit/debit cards, nfc,rfid, and today virtual currency. Digital Virtual currency is machine to machine, mobile to mobile, machine to mobile, smartphone to smartphone. Digital Wallet Virtual currency transactions is behind the scene, the same way we communicate, not seeing the (ubuntu) software that your browser is using, but you are able to connect and transfer information. The federal governments are still moving at a snail pace to embrace and to understand that this works the same way as money, cheques,credit/debit cards. The disadvantages are sovereignty, commercial paper, hackers,cyber-attacks, children and old people, no hands, visual impaired, blind, remote village areas, no mobile phone,transaction fees, tips, coin machines, loss of mobile/smart phone, recharge smartphone, loss of power, lost connection, living in remote areas where no access to internet or wifi. Regulates the same way as banks are regulated and taxes are paid and the advantages no fake notes circulating in the system, no more printing of money, no more carrying money, no more losing money to atm/credit card fraud, cashless society,preorder/pay, digital electronic currency, convenient, instant delivery, simply, fast, easy, privacy from the comfort of your home, save time and money, anytime, anywhere, anyphone, any mobile wallet, environmental friendly, quick to notice if you lose mobile, physical contact at all times.Time is money, $ave time and money.