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For your security and privacy your Interac online payment is between you and your bank, once you click to proceed to Pay on Interac Online, you are leaving the Manixe website, and the Manixe employees have no access to your bank information, your banking information is not shared with the merchant. You are returned to the Manixe website once you have confirmed and verified or cancelled your transaction with your bank. If your bank is not supported by Interac please call 587 434 6431 or 416 700 7475 for further assistance. We are working hard to have a global presence, please send us an email if service is not available in your country. Quality Time is precious once you lose time you cannot replace time. Save Time and Money.
Key Benefits :-

  • Environment/user friendly no paper work (paperless) all transaction are done electronically
  • No queuing, highly secured, cost effective and efficient.
  • No filling any forms.
  • No opening bank accounts, no more fees, Zero Fees.
  • Taking charge, managing and controlling your money has never been so easy.
  • Personal loan
  • Time is money
  • FAST fast and secure transaction
  • $ave time and money
  • No monthly or annual fees
  • Don't be left behind virtual banking is going to surpass traditional banking
  • From barter trade to traditional banking and now is the moment for virtual currency banking
  • Various payment options like Airtime, Bank Deposit,Mobile Wallet,Collect Cash.
  • We have payout locations agents in various countries to receive funds.